The goal of golden bee is to undertake global swarming and create hives of action.

Golden bee invites collaborators from around the world to:

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  • Host your own creative and social events or happenings that: are relevant to you and your community, facilitate creative / information exchange, and generate momentum for action on climate change and conservation issues that relate to all species of bees.

What is a Hive ?
A Hive is:

  • the physical manifestation of our coming together
  • a contained space and forum in which we can bring our work and ideas together, to share, celebrate, incubate, commune and use as a platform for presentation, network development and future project planning
  • the material, intellectual, creative and intentional components of the collective.

What is the Swarm?
The Swarm is the collective term for all the agents / participants operating within each Hive i.e. one becomes part of the swarm when one participates in the collective.

How to join the Swarm
Contact with the Swarm can be by levels. An example of this could be, firstly joining the Facebook group or email list, then participation in online discussions, and finally taking part in an event at a location with others.

If you would like to help us by volunteering or producing our inaugural Hive, please get in contact by emailing us!

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