Greetings from the golden bee project in Stockholm!


Our action packed project at Stockholm’s Independent Art Fair –
Supermarket 2017 is complete.

Townsville-based artist, Bernadette Boscacci, with help from her partner Peter Buosi (ecologist / environmental consultant), Stockholm-based James Barrett and Launceston-based Edwina Blush, curated and displayed to an international audience, works from the golden bee collective at the Stockholm Independent Art Fair, ( golden bee is an ever-growing network of artists who collaborate and exhibit at various international venues around the central theme of ‘bees’.

The Supermarket Stockholm Independent Art Fair featured over 200 artists from 45 cities around the world, including artists from Iran, Palestine, South Africa and many countries in Europe. Using the Swedish title for the collective, ‘Gyllene Bi – Intimate Hunting and Gathering’, golden bee was represented by 20 artists (Australian, Swedish and English) who contributed 66 works to the Art Fair. golden bee’s works included prints, drawings, textiles, paintings, small sculptures and objects, photography, digital, wearable art, jewellery, video, audio and literary works.

Visitors to the golden bee display area were particularly interested in learning about Australia’s bees, and were struck by the diversity, quality and interrelationship of the work. Many also commented on the colour and ‘warmth’ that emanated from the body of work. Many new friends and networks were made, art works were shared and sold. The busy bees are already planning their next venture ‘Golden Bee Dew‘ in Norwich, England later this month, in collaboration with Eloise O’Hare (Irish artist) and the Norwich Dandies, as part of their annual Dandifest event. More on the golden bee can be found at the website:


golden bee is a global collective of creative collaborators inspired by literal and metaphoric engagement with bees. At the heart of the project are notions of interconnection, sustainability in all spheres, and the linking of art, ideas and community to further social and cultural progress.

The goals of participation in Supermarket included the building of connections with like-minded artists, ecologists, writers, performers, musicians and members of the public.

From contact with the large number of visitors and other exhibitors at the fair, people were referred to the various social media and online platforms the golden bee uses to run its virtual collective. 300 visitor cards were printed for the fair and all were given out to interested members of the public that visited golden bee during the fair.



Listen to: Sound Wandering Bee by James G. Barrett
Many thanks to the following contributing golden bees:

Participating artists included:
(from Queensland, Australia)
Bernadette Boscacci
Robyn Veneer Sweeney
Denise Weightman
Nina Dawson
Billy Doolan
Fairlie Sandilands
Julia Cazita-Mazeaud

(from NSW, Australia)
Kassandra Bossell
Scott Treveleyan
Jessica Hannah Creative Writing

(from Victoria, Australia)
Chai Balcombe

(from Tasmania, Australia)
Edwina Blush

(from Norwich, England)
Eloise O’Hare
Christina V. Sabberton
Jenny Ferguson

(from Stockholm, Sweden)
James Barrett
Laura Tynan
Joanne Grüne-Yanoff
Erik Sjodin
Den Lillaekorren
Erika Chotai

IMG_1239 copy
(Top left): Denise Weightman, Just beecoz, 2017 (Australia), Limited edition print of original artwork (40 x 90cm); (bottom left): Fairlie Sandilands,  Beeyond the field, 2016 (Australia), Photograph, 35 x 20 cm; (Top right): Chai Balcombe, Bee Visions, 2014, (Australia), reduction Lino on rag paper, 25 x 29cm; (Centre left): Bernadette Boscacci, Bees knees and flora 1,2,3, 2016 (Australia), Relief and screen print on watercolour paper, 2 x 10 cm each; (Bottom right): Fairlie Sandilands, Intimacy bee-held, 2016 (Australia), Digital image / photographic print, 45 x 30 cm.
IMG_1289 copy
(Above): Billy Doolan, Mayi Woomba – Bush honey, 2015 (Australia), Gouache on paper, 18 x 25 cm.
(Above): Robyn Sweeney, Celtic Tribe Hive 2 & Inpollenation 2017 (Australia), Unique state pigment print over gouache painting on paper & Unique state pigment on gilded canvas, 17 x 17 cm.
IMG_1311 copy
(Above): Kassandra Bossell, If I were a grain of pollen, 2017 (Australia),
Photographic prints, fishing line & tackle 74 cm diameter.

Listen to: Julia Cazita-Mazeaud’s The Hive Soundscape 2016

Bernadette Boscacci, Screenprinted t-shirts and tea towels, (Australia)

IMG_1253 copy

IMG_1249 copy

(Above Left): Eloise O’Hare, Queen Bee Colony series, Ink and watercolour on paper, 25.5 x 22 cm; Various other works by Fairlie Sandilands, Julia Cazita-Mazeaud, Jenny Ferguson, Christina V. Chatterton, Eric Sjodin, Bernadette Boscacci, Chai Balcombe.

For more images and videos go to:

golden bee audio archive from 2016 

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 May the bees bee with you!
IMG_1297 copy
Chai Balcombe, Brass Bee, cast brass 2017