Golden Bee a multi-dimensional & multi-disciplinary concept, a living metaphor and with literal and pragmatic dimensions.

The bee has been a global symbol for fertility, mortality, diligence, prophecy and the importance of culture for thousands of years. Honey has a long and valued history as a medicine and nutritional food source all around the world. Bees live communally in organized groups and use complex systems of communication that assist in their preservation, production and proliferation.

Each of these factors influenced the rebirth of Golden Bee, but perhaps no greater reason is needed than the advent in 2006 of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) or the global loss of bee populations. This threat of ecological disaster, and the fact that environmental degradation has led us here, speaks of the need for culture to also address this state of affairs and assist where possible in drawing attention to the plight of the bee.

Golden Bee is therefore a model and a means of inquiry and expression. The Golden Bee collective parallels the collaborative nature of bees and responds to disruption in the system using the power of the swarm and the hive.

Visual, performing, new media artists have come together as a swarm to address issues that emerge from recent history and the present situation for culture and society. Collaborative urban cultural activity provides a historical tableau upon which ideas and experiences can be represented, referenced and explored.

Contemporary technology, from peer to peer networks to virtual worlds and online communication platforms, emphasizes the present ethos of the collective. The blend of science and art through a focus on a globally distributed species that is both domesticated but still wild and upon which humanity depends, not just for their honey but also for the pollination of 90% of agriculture, further extends, enriches and increases the urgency of golden bee’s enquiry. Finally the multiple sacred, archetypal and metaphorical dimensions of the bee allow for more contemplative and devotional activities and expressions – where art and the increasingly popular pantheist perspectives present in contemporary western societies can be explored.

Golden bee has taken the concept of the hive and the swarm as a stigmergic collaboration platform for participation. From urban to regional, across cultures and space, the swarm serves as connection point from which to create a coherent network of action and interaction.

Our Manifesto

The goal of golden bee is to undertake global swarming and create hives of action.

Since 2016 the golden bee collective members have been working together to:

  • Establish a dynamic and supportive global network of artists, writers, producers and other creatives who are concerned with sustainability and our shared future
  • Generate awareness and engagement with social and ecological issues, by attracting the attention of the general public through the arts
  • Nurture a community of creative and expressive individuals (and groups) who are committed to working in a broad geographic, artistic and conceptual framework
  • Organise, activate and showcase the participants’ knowledge, skills and artworks
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration, exchange, skills and knowledge sharing
  • Develop an archive and sets of resources for open access to anyone to use for cultural and social development without economic profit, and
  • Affirm the value of philosophical and ethical dimensions in art and society.