Welcome to the Golden Bee Blog

Share the story of bees

We are raising awareness about bees and we would love you to contribute.
Did you know?

  • Bees see all colours except for red.
  • There are about 20,000 different species of bees in the world

We are asking you to share your photos of bees on our Facebook group the golden bee (the hive)’

When you post your photo, tell us your experience of bees and why the photo is important to you. Tell us where your photo was taken, what kind of bee (if you can) and use the hashtag #goldenbeeing

During 2019 we will put together a print calendar of the collection so you can enjoy bees from all over the world!

Honey bee and Basil. Photo by Fairlie Sandilands
Meet Fairly Sandilands – a regular Golden Bee Facebook Contributor!
This is an extract from the Golden Bee zine we published in 2016.
Want to read more? Click the link below!
Read the Golden Bee Zine
Dangling off a flower on our Japanese maple, Wangaratta Victoria.
Photo by Hans Sip.
Hans is another regular contributor on the Golden Bee Facebook page whose sharing we would like to celebrate! Thanks Hans!

We have been busy!

So busy in fact that we haven’t sent you an update.
Watch out for our end of year update!

Image: Fire-tailed Resin Bee series, Bernadette Boscacci

Fire-tailed resin bee sealing up a nesting tube on an insect motel in Townsville, North Queensland. Photo by Bernadette

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