Golden Bee is a global collective of creative collaborators inspired by literal and metaphoric engagement with bees. At the heart of the project are notions of interconnection, sustainability in all spheres, and the linking of art, ideas and community to further social and cultural progress.

Golden Bee was initiated by a group of artists, writers and makers who exhibited and performed together in the 1990s in Sydney, Australia and 20+ years later have reconnected to create the Return of Golden Bee.

Our Manifesto

The goal of Golden Bee is to undertake global swarming and create hives of action.

Since 2016 the Golden Bee collective members have been working together to:

  • Establish a dynamic and supportive global network of artists, writers, producers and other creatives who are concerned with sustainability and our shared future
  • Generate awareness and engagement with social and ecological issues, by attracting the attention of the general public through the arts
  • Nurture a community of creative and expressive individuals (and groups) who are committed to working in a broad geographic, artistic and conceptual framework
  • Organise, activate and showcase the participants’ knowledge, skills and artworks
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration, exchange, skills and knowledge sharing
  • Develop an archive and sets of resources for open access to anyone to use for cultural and social development without economic profit, and
  • Affirm the value of philosophical and ethical dimensions in art and society.

Join our Facebook group by clicking here
Check out our growing sound, video and photographic archives.

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